5 Herbs for Prosperity

Five Crystals for Prosperity from The Carnelian Cauldron

In my last post, I outlined five crystals you could use in your prosperity magick, so today, I want to share five herbs for prosperity magick. Here are some plant allies I like to work with to manifest money and wealth.

How to Choose Which Herbs to Use for Prosperity Magick

In my crystals for prosperity post, I explained that I like to use planetary and color correspondences to help me choose the crystals I use in my money workings. For example, I like looking for stones that are green, yellow or gold, and royal blue and that correspond to Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter. Those same techniques are helpful when deciding which herbs to work with, but a few more factors should be considered.

Using Plant Abundance and Fertility to Choose Herbs for Prosperity:

A big clue that can help you choose herbs to work with to grow your wealth is whether or not the plant itself is abundant. Does that plant seem to be everywhere? If you find that plant in your yard or garden, does it spread all over the place super quickly? Does the plant create tons of seeds, berries, or fruit…an abundance of them? Then that’s a good indication that it might be a good herb for prosperity magick.

Using Elemental Association to Choose Herbs for Prosperity

Another factor that is super helpful when choosing herbs for prosperity is figuring out what element the plant relates to. 

Does the plant grow underground, smell a bit like soil, or seem really grounding to you? Then it’s probably an Earth plant. We mainly want to work with these plants for our prosperity magick. Earth magick is all about material things and our bodies here on earth, like money, prosperity, healing, and fertility, so Earthy plants are perfect for wealth workings. 

But you may also want to add some herbs related to other elements. For example, fiery plants help us with courage, strength, protection, action, and banishing negativity. These are all intentions we may want to add to our money magick. Fire plants are usually spiky, spicy, “hot,” or even poisonous, which makes them pretty easy to identify.

Water and Air plants may also help with our specific money needs and intentions. Watery plants are usually moist or juicy, grow in water, or bloom at night (when the moon is out…moon = water element). These can aid in purifying any bad vibes or beliefs we have about money. They can also help us heal from past experiences that negatively affect our feelings about wealth.

Air plants can help us with intentions of the mind, like concentration, focus, and decision-making, for example. These plants are often fragrant or bendy plants that sway in the wind. Airy plants can help us make better choices with our money and focus on our financial goals.

Of course, these generalizations won’t fit EVERY plant, but it’s somewhere to start. If you’re unsure, double-check trusted sources that list herbal and essential oil correspondences (I’ve listed some at the end of this article). This will help you get a better understanding of the energies of each plant.

Now that you have a little more background information, here are the stars of our show:

5 Herbs to Use for Your Prosperity Magick:

#1: Alfalfa (Medicago sativa

An Earthy plant, alfalfa is a great herb to use for prosperity. In fact, its primary energy is one of abundance, plenty, and prosperity. Alfalfa is also related to Venus, so it has a powerful attraction vibe. Keep it in your wallet, cash drawer, or piggy bank to attract money. 

Alfalfa is also super easy to grow…you know those cute little Alfalfa sprouts you can grow in your kitchen? Yep, that’s the alfalfa we’re talking about. Because it is so successful at growing with ease, it can also help you attract luck and success.

Alfalfa also has a long history of being used for prosperity. It has been said that you should keep a jar of alfalfa in your pantry to keep away hunger and poverty. This will also invite and protect wealth. So, alfalfa should definitely be in your witchy herbal cabinet to help you with money matters.

Alfalfa Infographic

#2: Bayberry (Myrica cerifera)

Another Earthy plant, Bayberry, works really well with prosperity magick. In fact, it’s known as “the money plant.” Bayberry can help bring financial abundance and create financial security. Add its berries, bark, or essential oil to a bath or incense mixture to draw in wealth.

Bayberry is also a calming herb that can help relieve stress and worry over money, wealth, or just not having enough of either. Plus, the plant is also excellent for attracting familial love and friendship, creating harmony in the household - since money stress can sometimes cause arguments. So, Bayberry touches a lot of bases when it comes to prosperity magick.

Bayberry Infographic

#3: Cinquefoil (Potentilla erecta)

Cinquefoil is associated with Jupiter, so it’s perfect for expansive magick for abundance and growth. In addition, it has two elemental correspondences: Fire and Earth. This makes sense because Cinquefoil is widely known as both a very protective herb and an herb of prosperity.

Cinquefoil is commonly known as Five Finger Grass because its leaves are divided into five leaflets that make them look a bit like a hand. The five fingers have been said to represent love, money, wisdom, health, and power, so Cinquefoil is awesome at attracting all of these. But, really, it just wants us to be able to grasp (like our five fingers would grasp) whatever we desire. So, if we wish for wealth and prosperity, Cinquefoil will help us get it and hold on to it.


Cinquefoil Infographic

#4: Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)

Red clover is an Airy plant associated with Mercury, so it may seem like a weird fit for prosperity magick. But we all know that clover is associated with good luck and is also closely related to money, prosperity, wealth, and success. However, red clover’s connection with the Air element and Mercury makes it a great ally to help us find the wisdom and inspiration to help us manage our finances.

Red clover also has a gentle power that helps us calm any feelings of unworthiness we may have, which can help us create a mindset of abundance. Red clover is also used in love, intuition, protection, release, and success magick, so it’s a great herb to include in your witchy toolbox.

Malachite Infographic

#5: Patchouli (Pogostemom cablin)

Patchouli is a VERY Earthy herb with a robust and hard-to-forget scent. Some say it smells like soil has been made into a perfume, and others believe it has more of a musky smell. In any case, it has a STRONG earthy smell that most people either love or severely dislike. I’m not too fond of Patchouli’s fragrance because it smells like musk to me, and I’m not a musky scent lover.

So, why am I recommending Patchouli for your prosperity magick? Well, I just can’t deny that Patchouli is a POWERFUL ally when it comes to manifestation and money magick. It’s so very Earthy that it is super grounding, calming, and centering, yet it’s so powerful that it even lights the fire of lust and aids in fertility and love magick (hello, musky smell…). For our purposes, patchouli herb or essential oil can be sprinkled on money, placed in wallets or purses, and used for incense or to anoint green candles to help us manifest money.

Patchouli Infographic

These herbs for prosperity are available in The Carnelian Cauldron store. You can purchase them in 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup bags. You can also buy a set of all five of these prosperity herbs in either size. So head over to the Carnelian Cauldron store now to get started.


In this post, I’ve outlined 5 herbs that are great for prosperity and money magick. However, TONS of other herbs can help you attract and grow your wealth and prosperity. There are so many, in fact, that I’ll probably write a few more blog posts to give you more options. Hopefully, the tips about herb relationships with the elements and fertility help you keep some of the correspondences straight in your mind.

Remember that choosing tools and ingredients for your magick will eventually become a personal process. You’ll find that the more you practice magick, the easier it will be for you to understand what herbal allies are meaningful to you for prosperity and other intentions.

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