5 Practices for Your Magickal Morning Routine

Let’s face it, my witchy friends, mornings can be challenging. Being startled awake by a blaring alarm clock can definitely begin your day on a loud and annoying note. But as witches, we know that our morning routine could be less about groggily chugging coffee and more about embracing our inner magick. Mornings can be a powerful time to set intentions and align with Mother Earth. Adding these five practices to your magickal morning routine can empower you, boost your mood, and give your day a jolt of positive energy that will help you feel extra magickal.

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5 Ways to Make Your Mornings Magickal

1. Wash Your Face with Moon Water

Begin your day with a refreshing and spiritual boost by cleansing your face with moon water. It’s not just about washing away dirt but also about tuning into the energy of the moon (as well as the Triple Goddess if she is a part of your practice). 

You charge moon water under the moonlight, so it's full of lunar energies that can help you heal, trust your intuition, and balance your emotions. Using moon water can give you a fresh start to the day, both inside and out. 

Plus, it’s a great conversation starter: “Wow, you’re glowing today!” “Oh, thanks, it’s just the moon water.”

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2. Meditate to Clear Your Mind and Set Intentions for the Day

Meditation is a fantastic tool for clarity and focus. Light your favorite incense and spend a few minutes each morning in quiet meditation to clear your mind of any lingering drowsiness, negative thoughts, or awful dreams of showing up on the subway in your birthday suit. 

You can also focus on your goals by visualizing them as tiny seeds you’re planting in your mental garden and nurturing with your intent. Think of meditation as giving your brain a little pep talk to work towards your intentions as the day goes on: “Hey girl, listen, we’re going to be awesome today, okay? No worries! You got this!” 

Working this practice into your magickal morning routine not only starts your day with a chill vibe but also aligns your energy with your goals, making them more attainable.

Illustration of a woman meditating with the text "Meditate to clear your mind & set intentions for the day."

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3. Infuse Your Coffee or Tea with Intention

When you prepare your morning coffee or tea, create a potion brewing with potential. As you stir in your cream and sugar, visualize how you want your day to unfold to infuse your drink with your intention for the day. 

Want to ace that meeting? Stir in some confidence. Need to dodge the drama at work? A swirl of peace and protection. 

Just remember to stir clockwise. Whether you're stirring in productivity, love, health, or prosperity, stirring your drink clockwise can help bring positive energy into your life. 

Then, when your potion is mixed to your liking, hold the warm cup in your hands and imagine the steam carrying your intentions upward and outward into the universe. This little tweak to your magickal morning routine can transform a daily habit into a potent spell for manifesting your desires.

Illustration of a hand holding a witchy cup along with the text, "Infuse your coffee or tea with intention."

“Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference."

Mignon McLaughlin

4. Pull a Tarot or Oracle Card for the Day

Drawing a tarot or oracle card each morning can help you gain some helpful insights and guidance for the day. It's a great way to tune into your intuition and the collective wisdom of the universe. 

Take a look at the card's images, symbols, and meanings, and think about how the card relates to what’s going on in your life. Then, take a moment to jot down what the cards might be trying to tell you. 

This little magickal morning routine can help you gauge the day's vibes and maneuver the day's challenges and opportunities with more awareness and confidence. Plus, it’s so interesting to go back to your journal entry that night before bed to see how the card related to the day you had.

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5. Spend a Few Minutes Outside to Take in the Beauty of Nature

Finally, spend some time outside, connecting with the earth and the elements. Whether you have a garden, a balcony, or just a window, take a moment to connect with nature. 

You can watch the sunrise (if you’re up that early), enjoy the morning breeze on your face, or listen to the gorgeous songs of the birds. You can also take the time to check in with your plant and animal buddies. “Morning, Mr. Squirrel. How’s your nut collection going?” 

However you decide to spend your time outside, this little magickal morning routine will help ground you, energize you, and remind you of the beauty in our wondrous, interconnected world. It may also remind you that, yes, you do, in fact, need to water your plants.

An illustration of a group of mushrooms beside the text, "Spend a few minutes outside to take in the beauty of nature."


Introducing these five practices into your magickal morning routine can transform it from mundane to marvelous. Connecting with the energies around you and setting intentions for your day can help you open yourself up to the universe's limitless possibilities. 

Plus, it’s a habit that moves you closer to living in harmony with the natural world and remembering that you have the power to shape your reality. So embrace these tips and watch your days become filled with a little extra sparkle and a lot more fun. 

Who knows? You might just become a morning person, after all. 😜

Lisa Norris, Founder of The Carnelian Cauldron

The Author: Lisa Norris

Hi, I'm Lisa, the of The Carnelian Cauldron. My witchy practice is centered around intentionality, intuition, connection with the elements, and an appreciation of the beauty of nature and all of its inhabitants. I’m not an expert in all things witchy, but I am a life-long learner who can’t wait to share what I’ve learned so far with you.

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