About the Shop

Hi, I'm Lisa Norris, founder of TCC

I originally created The Carnelian Cauldron in early 2021 as an online retail shop for witchy supplies, decor, and gifts. I wanted to be able to bring products I love and trust to other witches and spiritual seekers who may not be able to find them locally. 

Since then, I’ve realized that owning a metaphysical shop is what I’m meant to do. My vision for the store has changed and grown a lot over the past couple of years. As my small business grows, I hope to offer mostly handcrafted and carefully curated items that will help witches and seekers grow in their craft. 

Photo of glass containers of herbs on shelves

My Vision for the Shop

As a witch and artist, I have so many supplies and tools I’ve created for myself that I can’t wait to share with you guys.  I also want to support other witchy makers and metaphysical small businesses by offering their products in the shop. At the same time, I realize that some items may be difficult to find in the handcrafted world (think cauldrons, mortar & pestles, crystals, tarot cards, and books), so I want to focus on sourcing items I think other witches will love to use. 

My ultimate hope is to open a little brick and mortar shop that will become a place for local makers to sell their witchy wares. I’d also love to offer a safe place for the witchy community in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to gather for companionship and events. 

A One-Witch Business

For now, I’m a one-witch business, but I do have some fulfillment and manufacturing partners who help me out with some items. However, when you hear from the shop, contact customer service, or see a handwritten note on your receipt…it’s all me.

My Witchy Story

Why am I so passionate about sharing all things witchy with you guys? Well, I spent almost 40 years trying to stuff myself into a little box…the box of what kind of woman I should be, what my dreams should be, what my career should be, and what my spirituality should be. All of this caused a lot of anxiety and depression and really blocked me from figuring out who I really am. I felt lost and had no idea what I really wanted.

Photo of younger Lisa looking off into the distance
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Then, one day, I stumbled upon a little witchy store and was floored that such a thing actually exists! (Raise your hand if you also grew up in a small-ish Bible Belt town). I hurried home and looked up whatever I could find about witchcraft and paganism. I immediately felt a new freedom and sense of homecoming wash over me. I devoured any and every book and website I could find. I could not WAIT to learn ALL THE THINGS!!! 

Some of Lisa's witchy books
Lisa Norris, founder of The Carnelian Cauldron, laughing

I finally came to a huge realization … I have the power to create my own path towards spirituality, self reliance, self love, wisdom, and growth. Me…little ol’ Lisa. It was a huge epiphany that shouldn’t have taken me 40 years to grasp. Since then, I've never been happier. I’d love to help you to find that same sort of freedom and peace.

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About the Blog

My witchy path is strongly centered around intentionality, intuition, connection with the elements, and an appreciation of the beauty of nature and all of her inhabitants. I’m not an expert in all things witchy, but I am a life-long learner who can’t wait to share what I’ve learned so far with you. I know how overwhelming learning about witchcraft, magick, and paganism can be, so I want to create clear and easy-to-digest content that will help all of you new and growing witches/seekers make sense of the massive amount of witchy information out there. I also want to share supplies and tools I think you’ll love. So, keep an eye out for new blog posts!

Want to Learn More?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the link below. Also, if you'd like to keep up to date on new blog posts, new products, and sale events, sign up for our mailing list.

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