Add this pretty Wooden Temple Incense Burner to your sacred space to and make your altar feel extra special. Handcrafted in India, the wooden burner features a hinged lid and a large brass plate for holding cone incense...even the larger palo santo cones.

The brass plate is also big enough to use with a charcoal disc and loose or resin incense, but we haven't tried that with our own burner.  If you try this please use extreme caution, use on a heat proof surface, and do not leave the charcoal unattended. Also be sure to allow tablet to stop sparking before placing in burner. We want you to say safe and continue to bring magick into the world.

Each burner is individually handmade, so please allow for some slight variations. Constructed with non-detachable metal dish inside to hold your incense. When the incense is lit and the top is closed, beautiful smoke flows through the holes in the lid.

Burner measures approximately 3.5" wide and 5.5" tall. Metal plate measures 2" in diameter.

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