Wheel of the Year Resin Incense

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This Wheel of the Year Resin Incense comes in 2 oz organza bags with complete instructions and 2 charcoal discs. Use this incense to welcome in a new season, to cement your positive intentions, and to clear and cleanse any space in your home! Choose from 8 sabbats:

Imbolc: The mid-way point between Winter and Spring, This holiday represents the Festival of the Maiden, St. Brigid, Candlemas and Groundhog Day. Blends the promising bay laurel with quality coltsfoot and blessed basil.

Ostara: Represents the Spring Equinox, Easter, and the balance of day and night. Blends spring rose, spring iris, honeysuckle, night blooming jasmine and a dash of dandelion.

Beltane: The mid-way point between Spring and Midsummer, this holiday represents the Fire Festival, bonfires and maypole dancing. Blends the bright pink bloom of cherry blossoms, assorted flower petals, sprigs of dandelion and fresh daisies.

Litha: Represents the magical Summer Solstice. It is the peak of power, fire and the culmination of full potential. Blends the fruitful hearth of sweet orange, tangy lemon, wistful strawberry leaves and blue jasmine.

Lammas: (Lughnasadh) is the mid-way point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. This holiday represents the first harvest, the presence of seasonal luck, and food blessings. Blends the final blooms of summer with sprigs of first harvest wheat, amber resin and golden flox.

Mabon: This is the Autumn Equinox, representing the second harvest, the completion of tasks, and observing abundance. Blends ancient copal with red cedarwood, zesty ginger and precious pine needles.

Samhain: Also known as All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Day, this holiday is a magical representation of the suspension of time when the thin veil between earth and the Otherworld is lifted. Blends fragrant clove, burnt orange, pungent patchouli and magical pumpkin spice.

Yule: The Winter Solstice represents rebirth along with the virtues of intention, peace, contemplation, and introspection. Blends sacred mistletoe, holy holly, precious cinnamon, beautiful juniper berry, fragrant frankincense and magical myrrh.

Developed from ancient recipes, this aromatic incense stimulates the olfactory nerve, encouraging the power of scent to work on an emotional level associating smell with behavioral modification. This incredible incense starts with a base of resin granules. A mixture of herbs and essential oils for each specific purpose.

Resin granules are burned using incense charcoal. Light your charcoal and drop a few granules of resin on the charcoal. It will begin to smolder, releasing the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules. Resin incense is a pure form of incense since it is not diluted by a burning base or fixatives typical in man-made sticks or cone incense. 

Includes 2 oz of your choice of Incense and charcoal discs.

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