Voodoo Queen Fine Art Print - Marie Laveau

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Bring a bit of dark and dreamy magick into your home with this Voodoo Queen Fine Art Print by Caitlin McCarthy. Marie Laveau was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, herbalist, and midwife who was renowned in New Orleans. She is hailed as the Queen of Voodoo. Caitlin creates all of her high quality fine art prints in house. This artwork is printed on acid free archival matte paper, signed by the artist, individually wrapped in a cellophane sleeve, and includes a sturdy backing board.

About the Artist:

Caitlin McCarthy is an artist and illustrator living in Northern California. Since a young age, she's been interested in magic and using art as a tool to explore it. Her work often features visions of dark, dreamy women in the form of seers, mystics, and witches. Channeling her fascination of Victorian sensibilities and the occult, her drawings invoke feelings of melancholy and create an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere. Caitlin's preferred medium is graphite on watercolor paper.

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