Unakite Crystal Skull Carving - 1.5 inches tall

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Let’s face it…skull carvings feel extra witchy and a little creepy. But, these carvings are also full of symbolism and metaphysical meaning. The skull is a well-known symbol for death and our own mortality. However, skulls can also represent death as a passing phase–one step in the cycle of life-death-rebirth. Skull carvings can help remind us to make the most of our time here on the earthly plane, motivating us to transform our lives for the better. Skulls also symbolize the metaphysical properties below.

Magickal Properties & Symbolism of Skulls:

  • Effective focal item for meditation
  • Assists in astral travel
  • Helps awaken inner knowledge and awareness
  • Cycle of life-death-rebirth
  • Transformation/Change
  • Wisdom

This Unakite Crystal Skull Carving can help balance emotions with spirituality by gently releasing conditions that inhibit psychological and spiritual growth. Unakite is also called the Vision Stone and can open the Third Eye Chakra, promoting visualization and psychic vision.

This listing is for one Unakite Skull Carving. Each carving measures approximately 2” x 1.25" x 1.75". This is a hand carved, natural product. Please allow for variation of size, shape, color, and formation.

***Please note: The Carnelian Cauldron cannot guarantee any outcome or benefit resulting in the purchase of our products. Items we sell are selected and crafted with care and love. Products are intended as curios and spiritual tools, only. You add the intention, visualization, and magick.***

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