Black Tourmaline Crystal Point - Large 6.75-7.5 inches tall

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Height, Weight: 6.75" tall 888g

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These large Black Tourmaline Crystal Points can assist with grounding, purification, and protection. Also called Schorl, Black Tourmaline is a master of transmutation, changing dense or negative energy into lighter, more positive energy. Because it deflects, disperses, and absorbs negative energies, this stone helps us feel more confident and courageous, as well as fostering inspiration, compassion, and tolerance. Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog and psychic attack while also dispersing tension and stress. This stone is also used in witchy gardens as a natural insecticide and can encourage growth and health in plants when buried beneath the soil.

This listing is for one large 8-sided Black Tourmaline Crystal Point. Two sizes are available. Because this is a natural product, please allow for variation of size, shape, color, and formation.

***Please note: The Carnelian Cauldron cannot guarantee any outcome or benefit resulting in the purchase of our products. Items we sell are selected and crafted with care and love. Products are intended as curios and spiritual tools, only. You add the intention, visualization, and magick.***

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